Preschool 1

My name is Ronda Graham and I have worked at Grace Life Christian Child Care for four years. I have been the lead teacher in Preschool 1 for three years.

I've worked with children from infants to school age for 27 years. I graduated from Licking County Joint Vocational School with my certification in early childhood education in 1990. I then went onto Bible College and graduated with a two-year certification in general Bible study.

Our class is for three and four year olds. Our goal is to care and teach children in a safe and loving environment. We teach the alphabet and numbers 1 to 20. We learn about science and music, along with biblical lessons and biblical values. We also explore nature and the world around us.

The children learn to become independent by expressing their feelings, emotions, thoughts, and imagination. Being Lead teacher has brought great joy to me. At the end of the day the best blessing is hearing the children say they love you and knowing in your heart that you have touched their life.

Preschool 2

My name is Ms. Bridget and my passion is teaching.

I was born and raised in Columbus and I’m an avid Buckeyes and Blue Jackets fan and I also love crafting. I have taught for 30 years and believe that children have the capacity to learn anything given the right environment and explained in a way they can understand.

These are more than my students, they are my children and loved very dearly.

In our classroom children will be respected and taught respect for their friends, parents, and teachers. A reward system allows them to work toward a daily goal, and they are encouraged for making good choices. We learn our alphabet and letter sounds by focusing on one letter a week.

We also sing a letter song and do letter related activities daily. Children will learn to count to 30 and will learn to count objects up to the letter 10. Colors, shapes, and calendar are all a part of our daily activities. My door is always open for questions or concerns, as it takes a village.

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